Spring bear hunting is incredibly exciting and even better when part of a combo hunt. Most bear hunters and outfitters concentrate on evening hunts which allows the first half of the day for other activities like bowfishing.  Bernie Barringer speaks to the fun of a combo hunt in this post from the Bears and Bulls website and describes the incredible bowhunting action.

If you are new to spring bear hunting or have a hunt schedule for this year, you know how exciting and suspenseful an evening hunt can be.  As the sun reaches the horizon, things often get quiet as you scan the bush for the slightest sound of an approaching bear. Despite your best efforts, they suddenly appear and your heart skips a beat.  Chattering squirrels are one of the best clues to a bear’s presence as bruins usually walk silently to a bait.

Carp Galore

Fishing and bear hunting make a great combo adventure.

Carp fishing can do double duty.  Whether you are a rifle or bow hunter, tucking a recurve and fishing reel into your duffel can generate hours of fun and shooting excitement.  Although European carp are often considered “trash” fish in the US and Canada, Europeans cherish them to catch and eat.  Bow-fishing gear is inexpensive, but don’t bring your standard arrows.  You’ll need fiberglass shafts with special fishing tips to succeed.

Carp are an invasive species and have contaminated almost every water system in North America.  You can shoot them by the ton and no one will mind or have environmental concerns.  Although black bears probably don’t feed naturally on carp, adding a couple to the bait pile may prompt a normally reluctant bear to approach more quickly.  Since raccoons and scavengers love fish, you can plan on replenishing the bait each day and continuing the morning carp-fest.  Carp naturally spawn in shallow water eliminating the need for a boat.  You can shoot from shore or use waders to get in the thick of the action. This is an unusual combo hunt, but one that deserves attention:

Ask any bear hunting outfitter across central Canada about the most asked questions they get from prospective clients, and they will tell you that near the top of the list is the query about what to do during the day while waiting for the evening hunt. Most hunters like to fish, so that’s the number one option offered by outfitters. But there is another option available in central Manitoba. Several outfitters have been offering bowfishing combos with bear hunts as the interest in bowfishing is growing across North America.