To become a successful whitetail hunter success can be defined in many different ways, but if your goals involve chasing and harvesting your share of GIANT WHITETAILS you are going to need more than plain old luck every season to hit your goals. Any lucky whitetail hunter can sit in the right tree stand at the right time and occasionally shoot a mature buck. Only the seasoned and well tuned whitetail hunter that pays attention to every detail can harvest a mature buck year in and year out. If you want to have more than luck on your side to bagging that trophy buck consistently try these proven whitetail tricks and tips.

Hinge Cutting Creating Browseways

Hinge cutting is the easiest and quickest way to create perfect whitetail habitat. The advantage of hinge cutting is it automatically creates food and cover and facilitates deer movements through specified corridors (browseways). Some hinge cuts that are performed properly and maintained can still produce high quality food and cover for up too ten years.Fertilizing and pruning of preferred whitetail browse species can greatly influence  day time activity in and around corridors. Whitetail deer are very selective in what browse species they consume and by fertilizing such high quality browse species you will increase daytime usage in and around areas you have prepared for this. Short list of great browse species that top the whitetails diet.

Gray and Red Dogwood                           Red Oak/White Oak

Elderberry                                             White Cedar

Red/Black Raspberry                               White Pine

Hawthorn                                               Sycamore

Wild Apples/Pears                                    Poplars

Flowering Dogwood                                  Wild Rose

Stag horn Sumac                                     Green Briar

Grape                                                     Ragweed

Poison Ivy


Crush Brush

Among the easiest and most used whitetail management tools are crushing, mowing or bush hogging — whichever name you choose to use. Brush crushing, in my opinion, is the best tool in the whitetail managers arsenal if preformed correctly and in a timely manner.Spring and fall brush crushing requires no additional work or time, just a change in the way you crush and knowledge of what you are crushing that will benefit you and your wildlife. Just remember to open your eyes and pay attention to when and what you are crushing. You will be surprised how much you have changed your habitat by creating a landscape for all wildlife including songbirds and small game. If you have limited open space for wildlife, look into various wildlife habitat incentives and programs offered by or your local or state wildlife agencies.