If you’re angling on the Atlantic, there’s a good chance you’ve got your line set for striped bass. More and more aficionados are putting their best hopes on the late spring/early summer months, which means now’s the time to get out on the water.

While the heating of the water can slow the bites on your line, Game & Fish has compiled 15 smart tips to increase your odds when things heat up. What time are you heading out when you’re targeting stripers? Can the stars and the wind play a role in your success? Can a flock of birds or a good guide help out more? Check out Rick Bach’s article for these and other nuggets of information.

striper-slide-6Many striper fishermen are too eager to peel the fillets from their freshly caught fish, but don’t be so quick to discard that carcass. Examine the stomach contents of every striped bass you intend to keep. The contents can be crucial clues to what the bass are targeting, and how you can be more successful fooling them. Finding a striper belly full of squid could have you opting for another offering next time you hit the water.

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Photos: Game & Fish