CRAZY Hunt With Huge Turkey At 10 Steps

Matt Wettish shows his prowess with a call and nearly blows a perfect seduction when his gun isn't loaded.  OH NO!

Ready for spring turkey season?  If you need a touch of motivation, this YouTube clip will get you in the mood.  Matt Wettish shows his prowess with a call and nearly blows a perfect seduction when his gun isn’t loaded.  OH NO!

Calling Scenario

Wettish hails from Connecticut, not one of the most popular hunting states in the country, yet does very well with deer and turkeys.  As you watch and listen to his seductive calls, notice how he calls most aggressively when a gobbler is out of sight. Once you have a turkey approaching, be silent and let it come.  If the bird seems to lose interest, begin calling again yet do so subtly as you’ll see Wettish do.

Multiple Toms

Wettish lures a gobbler at first light.  You’ll notice the daylight increase as you hear it gobbler from the roost and then approach after fly-down.  Wettish used a jake decoy, yet the first mature tom ignored it, somewhat unusual. Normally, a mature gobbler will fight a jake decoy or at least approach it.

As often happens, multiple gobblers respond to A calling scenario and you can hear ITS distinct gobbles as the second bird approaches.  Notice that it approaches the decoy instead of coming directly to the calls of Wettish.

Toms Don’t Rush In

Turkeys may take coaxing and Wettish does this well with a very soft “whistle” from a diaphragm caller and then more aggressive yelps as the bird turns to walk away.  This gobbler was about to follow the route of the first tom, yet aggressive calling turned it around.  You’ll note that Wettish uses a TruGlo scope, specifically designed for turkey hunting.  Having that scope helps prevent lifting your cheek from the stock and shooting over the bird’s head- a common mistake.  Also, it helps Wettish keep his cool when he dry fires the shotgun and has to reload another shell.  Check out the action in this YouTube video and learn from success:   Realtree YouTube