Pheasants Forever has compiled a list of 25 towns in which you’re most likely to have a good day if you’re aiming for multiple quail species, prairie grous, pheasants, and forest birds. Their list considered both the variety of species available in any one location, as well as how accommodating each town was to bird hunters. Locations throughout the United States made the grade, as reprinted by OutdoorHub. Below is a selection from one of the top-ten entries on the list; what town do you think made #1?


Hells Canyon is 8,000 feet of elevation, and at various levels includes pheasants, quail, gray partridge and forest grouse. Show up in shape and plan the right route up and down, and you may encounter many of these species in one day. It’s considered by many wingshooting enthusiasts to be a “hunt of a lifetime.” Nearly 40 percent of Idaho’s Hells Canyon is publically accessible, either through state-owned lands, U.S. Bureau of Land Management lands or U.S. Forest Service lands.


Photo: iStockPhoto/Jeff Fullerton (top); Pheasant Hunting Experiences (above)