With the hunting season on the horizon, we’ll be tuning up our rifles for the impending adventure. Unfortunately, recoil can take the fun out of this important activity or reduce practice time. Ace Luciano has a five-step approach to recoil and explains it clearly with specific recommendations in this Cheaper Than Dirt post. His first rifle was a hard-kicking magnum rifle that taught him plenty.

DSC04506[1]Shooting a rifle is different from shooting a shotgun. Having fired thousands of rounds from both, I have developed and learned several best practices that will help you enjoy the practice sessions that will ensure when your opportunity arrives you have the best chance of winning the match or harvesting the game.

Number One: A shotgun trigger is pulled; a rifle trigger is squeezed. This simple rule alone can shrink your groups from dinner plate- to quarter- and even nickel-sized. An ol’ time mentor taught me that every shot from a rifle should come as a complete surprise.

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