The Wedge is one of those products that’s bound to prompt the thought, Why didn’t I think of that? After all, it’s such a common-sense solution to a recurring problem. Trail cameras are the norm for deer hunters, yet posting one so that it captures the location you’re watching can be a challenge. The nearest tree is often crooked, which requires shimming the camera. That lasts only until the first wind blows. The Wedge will solve that problem for less than a fancy cup of coffee. Here’s the manufacturer’s rundown.

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Extreme Hunting Solutions is pleased to announce the issuance of a 20 year utility patent from the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office for The Wedge. The name describes The Wedge perfectly… it’s is a scent free, polycarbonate wedge shaped device that allows the user to level a trail camera mounted to an angled tree. The Wedge can be stacked for easy transport and to accommodate severe angles on crooked trees. A camera can be leveled from top, bottom or either side with The Wedge… whatever it takes to insure you get the pictures you want.

The simple, yet effective design of The Wedge allows it to work with all brands and models of trail cameras. With that in mind, the mold was created so different logos can be inserted to allow private labeling of The Wedge by camera manufacturers, major retailers or conservation groups. The Wedge has a MSRP of $7.99 for a package of four units.

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SOURCEExtreme Hunting Solutions
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