I really like how the CPR (Catch, Photograph, Release) movement is “catching” on. With the advent of social media, one can quickly photograph and measure a fish, release it, and easily share that trophy catch with friends, while letting that fish go to fight another day. You get your proof and, most importantly, bragging rights. The fish goes back in the water and helps propogate the species. Everyone’s a winner.

One organization that promotes the CPR practice is Recycled Fish. Their motto, We Are Stewards, helps to remind people that we all need to do our part. In this Recycled Fish blog post, read about a Nebraska angler that exemplifies the CPR spirit.

RF_pikeOn January 28, 2014, Jake Rodiek caught – and released – what is almost certainly the state record northern pike for the state of Nebraska.  There is no question that this behemoth fish was the “the one that got away” for other anglers, as it had three hooks in its jaw, all trailing broken line, when Jake landed it.

Measuring a staggering 45″ long and with a 27.5″ girth, it was difficult to get the fish up through the 8″ hole. In fact, the fish had become entangled during the fight, and Jake had to reach under the 12″ thick ice to pull the fish topside.

On top of the ice, Jake and his fishing partner removed the various hooks from the fish’s jaw, and one that was in it’s back as well. They snapped a couple of quick pictures and took measurements, then released the fish to fight another day.

Photos: Recycled Fish