Every year Courtney Templeton and her boyfriend Josh Snow head over from their home in Atlanta, TX to their hunt lease in Abilene. ¬†Courtney, who works for an Orthopedic Doctor, enjoys her ‘birthday hunt’, “Every year turkey season falls on my birthday (March 31) and we drive 7 hours to go to our hunting lease.”

They were out about 4-5 hours when she had the opportunity to take her shot, “This year I killed my second turkey ever! ” she said in an email to Griffin’s Guide.

What happened next was the unexpected part, “After I killed the turkey we went to get it and when I looked up there he was down on one knee.” ¬†At that point the turkey started fluttering around, creating quite a moment!

So… how did she answer? “Of course, I said YES!”

They’ve known each other for 10 years and have been dating (and hunting together) for two. This will be one hunting trip that neither of them will ever forget.

Cellphone video of the moment below: