You’ve got to throw the big baits to catch the big fish. We’ve all heard that saying before. So we’ve done it, then typically another saying goes through our heads: “Elephants eat peanuts.” And you go back to fishing smaller baits. No matter if it’s offshore, on the beach, or at your local lake, it takes commitment to throw a big bait. You get less bites. Sometimes, you may not get bit at all. It’s just the way it works.

If you’re committed to doing it, though, sometimes you are rewarded big time. In this article, you’ll read about big-bait angler Jay Saberon and his catch of a lifetime!

bigbass_elsaltoIt’s been over 40 years since Dave Zimmerlee caught a controversial 20.93-pound bass at Miramar Lake and turned the bass fishing world on its gills.

Zimmerlee’s catch drew nearly instant scrutiny because an eye witness claimed he saw the fish floating shortly before Zimmerlee said he caught it on a dangling night crawler. Since then, Miramar has had its share of bass-ackward fishing stories, none more notorious than the supposed world-record 22-pound plus largemouth bass caught illegally at night by a bass fishing con-man, the 21-pounder later found at the taxidermist to contain with a 2-pound weight in its belly and another 20-pounder that was said to have been netted out of the water from a dock as it chased stocked rainbow trout.

But Jay Saberon won’t have to deal with any such controversy or negative vibes. Saberon, 26, a deckhand on the Malihini sport boat, caught and released a monstrous, 16.2-pound largemouth bass Friday while fishing an 8-inch Huddleston swimbait whose colors matched the stocked rainbow trout.

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Photos: The San Diego Union-Tribune (top), (above)