SD Muz Deer 2013 075Sometimes old-school hunting tactics work best.

One of the basic tenets of Southern hunting is the tried-and-true shooting house. For decades, Southern hunters have been watching green fields, clear cuts, and other prime whitetail haunts from the confines of a small structure tucked away in a tree line. The containment of the blind keeps bugs away, insulates against heat and cold, and allows movement at the moment of truth.

These blinds aren’t portable, yet if you hunt the same place consistently, consider one for deer and turkey. The old shooting house is becoming increasingly popular nationwide.

The folks at Advantage Hunting Blinds have the process down to a science. If you’re considering a ground blind that won’t wear our or blow down, check out their gear.

1102[1]Hunters often spend a fortune buying lumber and constructing shooting houses, only to see that investment gradually deteriorate as the years pass.  Advantage Hunting Blinds, built with heavy-duty polyethylene shells, are designed to last. The engineers behind each blind from Advantage Hunting understand that features are very important, but durability is a key.

Speaking of those very important features, Advantage Hunting Blinds offers many, including patented Scent-Proof technology, portability and efficiency  The heavy-duty polyethylene shells, through-bolt design with interlocking corners, weather- and bug-resistant materials, tinted polycarbonate windows, and carpeted, ¾-inch pressure-treated plywood floor assure a long-lasting blind for hunting seasons to come.

Advantage Hunting offers two blinds, the Deluxe and the Whitetail, and both come in standard and condo models. The standard comfortably sits two hunters, while the condo accommodates four people.  The Deluxe Blind is constructed with a revolutionary, patented SCENTite scent-proof technology. The technology allows you to hunt on the ground or elevated without being detected by a deer’s sense of sight or smell. SCENTite Deluxe Blinds are airtight. Fresh air enters through intake ports located near the bottom of the blind, which then drafts your scent and vents it 30 feet above ground level.

The more economical Whitetail Blind from Advantage Hunting can be configured to suit the needs of firearm hunters and archers. It is built with optional full or trap doors, and a through-bolt design with interlocking corners. The result is a lightweight and nearly maintenance-free blind.

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