Are you and yours in love with hunting? Why not partner your skills and take the relationship to the next level, just like Ralph and Vickie or Lee and Tiffany?

Video technology has taken such giant steps that you can practically film a hunt on an iPhone. And why not? Think of the time and great adventures you can share together. How many times have you watched a TV show and thought, I could do that? Well, now you can. Who knows, you might become the next big TV star.

Jon & Gina Brunson, hosts of the award-winning Addicted to the Outdoors (ATTO) television show (as seen on The Outdoor Channel), are back at it for round 2014 SD Turkey 3 054two on their search for the next ATTO couples. Last year’s search was a great success for the Brunsons, and they’re hoping for an even bigger response this go-round. Are you married with kids, in love, or dating someone who’s just as addicted to the outdoors as you? Is one of your dreams to host an outdoor TV show with your partner? Participate in the Addicted Couples Casting Call right from your computer or mobile device. Submit a video showing your on-camera personality and passion for hunting, along with the Addicted Couples application.

After reviewing all submissions, the ATTO crew will pick out their favorite couples to interview with Jon, Gina, and their producers via video chat. Winners will then have one of their hunts filmed for TV. That’s right, it’s lights, camera, action! And you’ll be the stars! Several couples’ hunts will be filmed with the intent to be a full-length episode of Addicted to the Outdoors for the 2015 television season. Click here for video details.