The Queens of Camo video series follows three female hunters on expeditions, paying special attention to issues facing women who hunt. The hosts also believe in the importance of supporting conservation groups. If these women are able to use their screen presence to enlighten members of their audience about topics close to their heart, then it’s mission accomplished. They ask viewers to respect the animals they take down, and to remember where the food they cook comes from.

The women also offer write-ups of their hunts, to accompany their video trip diaries. One of the featured shooters, Nena, uses her time in the hunting arena to serve as inspiration for her artistic, design, and taxidermy work. In her latest post, Nena describes a recent axis deer doe hunt on a Texas ranch, where she practiced for weeks, preparing for a long-range hunt:


queens “What I expected to be a long stalk and possibly days of waiting for an opportunity was the exact opposite. I had only been on the hunt for fifteen minutes when I stumbled upon the Axis heard on the run. I didn’t have time to think, just react. I dropped down into the prone position, quickly adjusted the bipod, chambered a round, and got the heard acquired in the scope. At this point the heard had ran over two hundred yards from me and had stopped under some trees. I started to look over them to see which doe I wanted to take.”

Photos: Queens of Camo