Michael de Avila is the popular host of WFN’s fishing show Lunkerville. As opposed to a lot of the shows out there, Mike doesn’t portray himself as a fishing expert. The show is more about traveling to different parts of the country, meeting regular folks who enjoy our sport, and telling their uniquely individual stories through the lens of fishing. Along the way, Mike sometimes catches a fish.

In this article from the World Fishing Network (WFN), Mike highlights his most memorable moments of the 2013 season.

lunkerville_bass-217x132A Memorable Sturgeon in British Columbia

This season I traveled to British Columbia and caught a 5 foot Sturgeon on the show! Not only was it the largest freshwater fish caught in the 10 year history of Lunkerville, but it was the most exciting fight I ever had with a fish; even more impressive then the 250 lb blue shark we caught last season.

Lunkerville is Here, and Here, and There

We travelled to Richmond, Virginia; Buford, Georgia; Montauk, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Banks Lake, Washington; Fraser River, British Columbia; Oceanside, New York; Naples, Florida; Pawling, New York; Moses Lake, Washington; Atlanta, Georgia and of course, Central Park, New York City!

Photos: World Fishing Network