For hunters who want to reach areas they can’t access by truck, ATV, or even by foot, a foldable kayak can be the answer. The portability offered by a folding kayak on land, and the convenience of being able to paddle across water to find the next great hunting spot, is unmatched. To keep hunters paddling in style and under the radar, Folbot has introduced the Sporting Life model foldable kayak in Realtree Max-4 camouflage, as reported by OutdoorHub.

Sporting_Life-3S Photo by Folbot

Based on the successful ‘Edisto’ kayak model, the ‘Sporting Life’ Folbot folable kayak is water-repellant and UV-/mildew-resistant and features the successful wetlands pattern, which offers maximum coverage in any open terrain. Best of all, Folbot’s portable, lightweight and maneuverable design disassembles down to a backpack duffle, making travel with gear and dogs to remote bogs and backwoods much less demanding.

Photos: Folbot