Ever wonder how fancy restaurants get their steaks and chicken so juicy? Searing is the secret. I once watched a celebrated chef prepare fresh morel mushrooms and steak for a special dinner and noticed the steaks grilling on the edge — not the top or bottom, but the portion that rarely gets cooked. When I asked about the process, he was quick to answer that searing locks in the juices and that he “seals” meat this way, even on the edges.

Searing meat is easy, but begin with a clean grill that’s best oiled with sunflower or canola oil so it doesn’t smoke and give the meat a bad taste. Preheat your grill to 400 degrees, put the meat on the grill for one minute, and then flip it over. Lower the heat and cook to your liking.

Grills come in many sizes and varieties, and offer unique features, as illustrated by the three models below. Although websites are included, these are designed to be “food for thought” about products you can purchase locally.

char-broil-780-square-inch-infrared-gas-grill[1]Grills with Infrared

Many outdoor stores offer grills with infrared searing features. These units have a specific advantage for sealing in juices and providing that caramelized meat taste that makes grilled meat so tasty. One chef cautions that this is not a good choice if you like your meat medium-well or well done, as the infrared tends to overcook cuts of meat. For rare-to-medium lovers, it may be ideal.

Gas/Charcoal Combo

char_griller_duo_gas_charcoal_grill[1]Char-Griller offers gas and charcoal grills combined on one cart, with a side burner. On the left side is a gas grill; on the right side is a charcoal grill, both with chrome-plated warming rack, porcelain-coated cast iron grates, condiment basket, and bottom shelf. Start your charcoal with the ease of gas. Each side has 630 square inches of cooking area, perfect for large crowds, family reunions, picnics, or the whole hunting camp.


Grill with Wood Pellets

If you have pellet stove, you can grill with the same pellets that heat your house and give your grilled items a traeger-texas-wood-pellet-smoker__31217_zoom[1]richer, smokier flavor with a grill/smoker combo. This durable metal grill burns wood pellets in an external storage bin, or “hopper,” to cook delicious meats, veggies, and more. Just fill the hopper with wood pellets, set the electronic dial to the desired temperature and let the grill do the rest! The spacious grilling area features porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates, and gives you room to cook multiple items at once, while the lower storage shelf offers room for necessities.

Photo: Food For Hunters

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