Pronghorn antelope typically live in arid terrain where water and alfalfa are at a premium; this tends to concentrate speed-goat populations around any abundant source. However, in a rainy year when water and tall nutritious grass is abundant, antelope are difficult to pattern and even locate. Stalking game in the open terrain of Eastern Montana is really tough. Jay Liechty immediately recognized the problem and put his creative mind to work.

Montana Antelope 232Liechty invented the Grim Reaper broadhead, a device that does not require retention rings and likewise conceived the idea of a “Trojan Cow.” For the first two days of the hunt, while archers failed to connect, Liechty worked night and day on his imaginative creation. By day three, it was ready for a trial. Basically, it replicated a large Angus cow 3-D model with him as pilot in the front and the shooter in the back, each person supporting the weight of the device on his shoulders.

As you can imagine, the hunting camp had lots of fun with the idea. “What happens if the herd bull spots your decoy and comes running over with love on its mind?” laughed one buddy as the rest of the group cramped with laughter. Undaunted, the experiment proceeded with Liechty up front and an archer in the back, his camouflage trousers clearly evident.

Montana Antelope 253Watching through a spotting scope, the hunting party cheered as the Trojan cow approached a heard of antelope that mostly ignored the black bovine. However, Liechty got a bit aggressive and went straight for the antelope, mildly spooking them. Continuing on, the animals stayed just out of archery range. Undaunted, the cow went to pasture on the next hunt and the rump shooter downed a buck.

This unique approach was successful, yet the body barely fits in the bed of a pickup and the device weights nearly 100 pounds. Don’t expect a Trojan cow in your neighborhood Walmart any time soon.

th[1]Aside from a great broadhead, Liechty is always looking for a great idea. If you have one, contact him through

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