Around the country, many big-game seasons open in August, with the soaring temperatures making the pursuit of your favorite quarry difficult. Dealing with excess perspiration, human scent, insects, and dehydration are challenges the early-season sportsman will just have to face. Fortunately, several companies make apparel designed specifically for hot weather, which can often last well into October. Other than avoiding dehydration by drinking plenty of liquids throughout the day, checking out some of these weather-appropriate gear is one of the best things you can do for yourself as temperatures rise:

Game Hide ElimiTick: This line of clothing utilizes Insect Shield Repellent Technology to bond a man-made version of a natural repellent to fabric fibers. The active ingredient is so tightly bonded that repellency effectiveness is retained throughout the expected life of the garment. Because Insect Shield bonds the repellent to the fabric fibers, you get much more complete coverage and, therefore, more effective repellency. And, because the repellent (including defense against ticks) is built into the fibers, it lasts through 70 washings, the expected life of the garment.

V5-1221384-946_HTF[2]Under Armour: For hot weather, this garment has a loose fit for enhanced range of motion and breathable comfort, no matter where your workout takes you. Exclusive UA Scent Control technology lasts longer and works better, keeping you undetected while UA Storm technology uses a Durable Water Repellent finish to repel water without sacrificing breathability. It’s wind-resistant materials and construction shield you from the elements, quiet construction prevents fabric from rustling, helping you stay silent and undetected, and the signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body.

0003233_427[1]Merino Wool: Although a surprising choice for hot weather, many hunters love the wicking properties of Merino wool. It doesn’t itch or retain human odor, plus it’s loft keeps insects from biting through outer garments. This soft, comfortable material will last through the entire fall and is sold through various vendors;


s7_933144_999_alt01_01[1]Cabela’s Microtex: The manufacturer’s exclusive low-nap material is as soft and quiet as fleece and as tough as denim. It dries amazingly fast, won’t fade, is extremely breathable, and is affordable. The six-pocket pants feature two back patch pockets, two front quarter top pockets, and two cargo pockets on the legs;

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Joe Byers
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