Jim Shockey is a TV host and Canadian guide who has carried hundreds of hunters in his bear camps and on other adventures. You can bet that the best bullet to use on his hunts is a common topic of discussion. Shockey speaks strongly to the subject and recommends Nosler Partition bullets, a projectile that has been downing kill-or-it-kills-you beasts for more than 50 years. As you might expect, Shockey doesn’t beat around any bushes in his recommendations, providing resources and extensive ballistic data in this post from his newsletter. Here’s how Shockey puts it:


Speaking of shooting, another issue that we frequently run into is hunters who show up with the wrong bullet for the job at hand. There are a variety of different hunting bullets on the market and they each serve unique purposes. Just like you wouldn’t show up with a Corvette to tow your fishing boat, you shouldn’t show up on a bear or moose hunt with a bullet designed for a thin-skinned animal like deer. There is enough information out there to fill an entire library about various bullet designs and their intended purposes.  For detailed information, go to Nosler’s excellent website and read to your heart’s content – they have bullets designed for prairie dogs to elephants and everything in between!

Get more of Shockey’s insights at his website.Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Joe Byers
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