As parts of the country finally emerge from what has been a particularly brutal winter for many regions, hunters have been making the most of the remaining days in various seasons.

Joe Antonacci writes in the G5 From the Field blog about one last weekend outing for a close-knit group of hunting buddies. They had their eyes on a 10-point buck that they affectionately referred to as “King Kong.” It proved to be a weekend filled with deer sightings, and a few good selections. But as the hours passed with no sign of the monster, hopes began to fall.

Soon enough, perched up high in his secure tree stand, the author spies an approaching buck. He aims true and holds his shot for a full minute. Two minutes. The deer slowly comes into view. Is it the elusive Kong?

We took a break, had breakfast, and after calling the deer into the MDC, we butchered the deer.  Amazing to see how quick and easy a couple of guys can hang a deer and an hour later have it de-boned and in the cooler.  We settled in around 2:30 for the afternoon hunt.  The wind picked up a bit, and changed to coming out of the North West.  I drew a stand where 3 draws all intersected with a large bean field to the south.  It just felt “deery” that afternoon…… know the feeling, one expects to see a deer at any moment.

After catching a glimpse of movement about 75 yards away, I stood up with my bow in hand and positioned myself for a shot.  We are ALL strong believers in tree stand safety and wear our harnesses.  I invested in the new Spider Outfitter, which integrates camo overalls in with a containment system.  There is nothing extra to put over your clothing which could restrict both your movement and affect the drawing  your bow.  I simply push my tether through a slit in my outerwear jacket and attach to the tree.  The deer was heading directly to me on a slow, but steady gait.

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Photo: Eastmans’ Blog