3-D targets have revolutionized target archery and made hunters much more effective in the field, since they can better judge distance and, more importantly, practice picking that exact lethal spot. 3-D targets can also be time efficient: Simply place a couple of targets in realistic situations in your backyard for a few minutes practice before or after work. Even a few arrows will hone skills over time. Although 3-D targets are affordable, they also quickly deteriorate in rain, snow, and under the effects of freezing and thawing. Target Tarp is an excellent solution to protecting your targets while keeping them in place. Here are the full details:

Targettarp21278Are you sick of spending money to replace your archery target each year after the cold and snow degrades its quality? If so, the Target Tarp is the answer. The Target Tarp, which makes a perfect gift for the hunter or archery fanatic on your list this holiday season, helps prevent fading and cracking of targets. It is also UV- and water-resistant, and can face even the coldest winters, while keeping your targets looking fresh and new.

The Target Tarp not only has styles designed to fit and protect your block, bag or square targets, but it also has tarps made to accommodate most deer, goat, bighorn, antelope and other 3-D targets. The 3-D Archery Target Tarp’s unique design allows it to fit almost every standing deer target on the market, including targets as long as 45 inches, chest to rear. The design includes an adjustable opening that can be easily maneuvered around the head and horns. You can also use the small Block Target Tarp to cover your 3-D target’s head. The Target Tarp has multiple tie downs to ensure it stays secured to your target all winter long. For more information, go to

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