Spring days with moderate rain are excellent for turkey hunting because most hunters stay home eliminating problems with others interfering with your efforts. Ernie Calandrelli has been a Quaker Boy Pro Staff member for decades and has hunted in every type of weather and geographical location. His post on the Mossy Oak website lists a number of good suggestions when encountering pennies from heaven. Here’s a snippet of what he suggests:

I don’t call as much on rainy days, because turkeys don’t gobble as well when rain’s falling. I’ve had turkeys gobbling from the ground, and then they’ll shut-up as soon rain starts. Remember, when a turkey gobbles, he’s not only calling-in hens. He’s also notifying predators where he is located. The turkey’s eyes are his number-one defense, and when the rain starts, he can’t see as well because of all the movement in the woods. He knows he’s more vulnerable, and he’ll stop calling. So, I only call sporadically during the rain, and expect turkeys to come to me without gobbling. I like to use a tube call, because it’s loud and isn’t affected by the rain. I also like waterproof box calls and high-pitched waterproof calls to penetrate through the wind and rain and reach out and touch that gobbler. Remember, if the turkey can’t hear the call, he can’t come to it.

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Joe Byers
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