When you begin shooting a compound or crossbow, you may well need the full 20-inch face of the standard BLOCK target. Still, the introduction of two smaller sizes is worth noting. Targets are only helpful if you use them to improve your shooting, and practicing in your backyard should only be the beginning of your quest for accuracy. The new smaller sizes make targets lighter, smaller, and easier to take into the field, so bring them out where real hunting skills are honed. Carry it to your tree stand or set up a couple of targets among stumps, limbs and in realistic settings. As the season draws closer, you may want to switch to more realistic 3-D targets, but the portable arrow stoppers are great for spring and summer practice. Here’s the scoop about the BLOCK Invasion target.

Firearm to Crossbow (31)The BLOCK Invasion is now also available in a 16” and 18” model as well as the current 20” model.  All BLOCK invasion targets offer 4-sided shooting for increased target life.  The BLOCK Invasion is a simple, yet revolutionary conceptualized product that has changed and set the standards for the way archers practice.  The front and back of the BLOCK Invasion target has an open-layered design that stops arrows with friction, not force.  The patented friction layered design allows arrows to enter between open, unglued layers of friction foam.  The heat generated by the arrow penetration, along with friction, causes the BLOCK Invasion to grab the arrow shaft.  In just a few seconds, the heat dissipates and releases the arrow shaft, allowing for easy removal.  This target was specifically designed with high contrast graphics, which aid in visibility, for shooting longer distances and has multiple aiming spots that extend target life. The front and back of the target is designed for broadhead (fixed or expandable) and field tip arrows, while the sides are Polyurethane wrapped and are intended for field tip only arrows.