Big city police chiefs have to agree with their mayor or they get fired. But what about the rank and file police officer who deals with crime directly each day? How would they vote on gun control if given the chance? Actually, they have, as this post from the Outdoor Hub reveals. The numbers speak as loud as a police whistle at rush hour. 

SD Rifle Deer 2011, a news and resource website for law enforcement officers, recently released the results of a broad gun control survey given to more than 15,000 verified law enforcement professionals. In the survey, officers answered just under 30 questions that sought their perspectives on a number of gun control issues, including the effects that any federal bans would have on crime. According to the site, 70 percent of the officers who participated in the survey were “field level law enforcers” across a number of agencies and departments. Roughly 80 percent of the survey-takers were active officers while the remaining 20 percent were retired.

Here are some of the results:

•71% of the polled officers believe that a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms would have …

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Joe Byers
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