One of the best investments any bowhunter can make is the purchase of a quality 3-D target that simulates the game species he’ll be hunting. You can easily put down $100 this year for a target that will be unusable next fall; either the target wears out or the foam gets so hard you can’t get the arrow from it. With aluminum arrows, such a target can be expensive, as shafts tend to bend when great force is required to remove them.

Rinehart‘s new deer target solves these problems in several ways. First, instead of a central core of target material surrounded by plastic that quickly shoots away, the entire target is made from the same material. So if you shoot the buck in the butt, you’ll learn from the error and won’t lose an arrow in the process. Next, Rinehart targets are known for easy arrow removal, so you won’t need special pulling devices. Finally, picking an exact spot is critical for hunting success; no other target will help you in this department like a real, life-size replica. Here’s the information from the manufacturer.

TX Deer 06 274

There’s no reason to settle for anything less than the ultimate, true-to-life practice session you’ll receive with the Rinehart Big Ten Buck Target. Often considered the ‘Cadillac’ of 3D archery targets, the Rinehart Big Ten Buck Target doesn’t disappoint thanks to its award-winning Rinehart signature solid self-healing foam composition — which allows the entire target from nose to tail to literally self-heal, further enhancing long-term durability and your practice sessions. This means it can take on hit after hit from field points, broadheads or even expandables without inflicting severe tearing or damage to the target.

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