Agagia Safari 2014 1023An African plains game safari is one of the most enjoyable adventures you’ll take in a lifetime. You become totally immersed in a multitude of big-game species, meet interesting people, and become part of their culture. The animals you take on the hunt become the protein base for those who help you and the harvest becomes an important part of wildlife management and the perpetuation of numerous species. Here are a few of the reasons a plains game safari is such a fantastic hunt.

Flexibility. Many safari companies offer a choice (or combination) of rifle hunting and bow hunting. I’ve done several safaris in which I’ve taken a bow, rifle, and a blackpowder rifle.

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Agagia Safari 2014 908Super Abundance of Game. You will probably see good numbers of animals you most want to hunt and will likely see several that are trophy class. If you’re after a 50-inch kudu bull, seeing those nearly that mature is quite a thrill. I once hunted from a tree stand where two kudu bulls walked under the tree. I actually looked down the curl of one animal’s horns and could see its eye, a moment never to be forgotten.

Multiple Animals. Most safaris are multiple-animal events in which you can choose from a dozen or more species. Many safari companies offer a package deal so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. If you fill your quota, you can always pay extra and hunt another animal.

Terrific Accommodations. Safari lodging and meals are like those found on a cruise. Your main focus will be to hunt, enjoy, and relax. Even if you must stalk your prey throughout the day, you’llAgagia Safari 2014 1132 find a warm, smoke-free campfire and delicious food waiting for you back at camp at day’s end. Great food and drink is standard on safari and makes the perfect conclusion to any day’s adventure.

 Agagia Safari 2014 910Photo Opportunities. Capturing the grandeur of Africa’s landscapes and diverse wildlife is a thrill for anyone. Hunters should always take a few moments to snap special images. Each of the bowhunting blinds at Agagia Safaris has a built-in photo port so that you can shoot still and video pictures, even during the hunt.