Followers of and The Hunting Page on Facebook got a look at a wide range of topics in 2013, from a rifle that can’t miss, to improving your venison flavor, to a deer that wouldn’t lose its antlers. In case you missed one of these ten most-clicked topics, here are links to them for a quick review, along with a brief narrative of each:

1. Are you pleased with the taste of your venison? If not, check these tips.
Read Does Your Venison Taste Like Hell?

2. Is a computerized rifle that can’t miss a sporting firearm? Here’s a look at the future.
Read The Rifle That Can’t Miss: An Ethical Sporting Rifle?


3. Whitetails are fascinating, yet this one is off the charts.
Read Weird Deer Won’t Drop Its Antlers

4. If you plan on a long archery career, better keep this practice technique in mind.
Read Every Archer’s Hidden Enemy

5. A hunter shows his compassion with an axe in this one-in-a-million antler lock-up.
Read Ax-Wielding Hunter Rescues Struggling Buck

6. The cost of ammo is skyrocketing and in short reply. Here’s why.
Read What’s Causing the Ammo Shortage? byers019

7. Wolves are born killers and eat their prey alive. Here’s the gruesome story.
Read Eaten Alive! Coyotes and Wolves Attack

200901220858-300x225[1]8. A hunter bags a rare white moose legally, to the lament of a local tribe.
Read Hunters Make Amends After Killing Sacred White Moose

9. Smart phones can be an asset to shooting and hunting. Here’s how.
Read Need a Rifle Scope? There’s an App For That

10. Video is always of high interest. Check out this footage of a mother black bear that needs a safety course.
Read Mother Bear Leads Cubs Into Harm’s Way

Thanks for keeping in touch. Look for plenty more great posts in 2014.