Trail cameras have become a staple for whitetail hunters because they tell hunters the quality of bucks in an area and the times of day deer are most active. Likewise, trail cameras can be just as informative for turkey hunters (maybe more so), since turkeys are only active in daylight hours. However, not just any trail camera will work, as you’ll want to watch entire fields or wood lots instead of a specific trail or travel route. The PlotWatcher Pro from Day 6 Outdoors is specifically designed to watch large areas and is the perfect tool for turkey scouting. Since gobblers tend to have regular travel routes and strutting zones, you can time your hunt to intercept the tom’s parade. Here’s the information from the manufacturer.

PlotWatcher-Pro-FrontThe popular PlotWatcher Pro time-lapse camera boasts the fastest picture-taking intervals on the market today – as fast as 1 second between images. This makes the PlotWatcher Pro great for scouting those sly turkeys in the spring – you won’t miss a second of action. The PlotWatcher Pro also has the longest battery life, up to four months on one set of AA batteries, than any other time-lapse camera available. Leave it out in the field undisturbed for months, let it do the scouting for you and retrieve it just before hunting season.

Not only does the PlotWatcher Pro take images the fastest, and have the longest battery life, but its capable of taking the most images as well. With a SD memory card, the PlotWatcher Pro is capable of taking and storing up to 1 million images. Now that’s a lot of turkey action.

Once you’re ready to retrieve the images from the PlotWatcher Pro, and see when and where all the turkey action is on your land, the Tru-Video technology makes this process easy for you. All of the images taken by the PlotWatcher Pro are automatically saved as a video file, unlike trail cameras that save the images as individual image files. So, all of your images are easy to view in a video format, immediately. And with GameFinder software with MotionSearch, you can fast forward to moments of action, or rewind to take a second look. You can look through millions of images of those turkeys in just a few minutes with the PlotWatcher Pro.”