The University of Georgia Deer Research Facility is responsible for many scientifically-based deer hunting tactics, but received a rare gift of a piebald fawn arrived, as this video from the Quality Deer Management Association shows.  Unfortunately, the rare animal has a number of congenital defects and may never function normally.

White Deer[1]Piebaldism is a rare condition in animals that is often mistaken for albinism. Piebald deer usually exhibit random brown and white coloration with splotches of black or pink skin underneath. Just like albino animals, piebald creatures rarely survive long in the wild. In addition to being a prime target for predators, piebald animals are often subject to a host of deformities. This young deer is no exception.

The first thing you’ll probably notice in the video below is the fawn’s gnarled legs, which are bent at odd angles and will likely mean that even if the fawn survives into adulthood, it will never move at the speed of other deer. The unfortunate animal also suffers from a severe overbite and scoliosis.

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Photo (top): Wide Open Spaces