CO Rifle Elk 2011 103Todd Wilson left a job in Maryland for one in Colorado where he could hunt and fish nearly every day (which he did). Ironically, the technologically savvy young man learned that he could find out as much, and maybe more, about where to hunt elk from the Internet as he could by climbing the mountains. After demonstrating his success in the field, he put his ideas to paper, having just published The Modern Elk Hunter.  Here’s what Wilson found, in his own words:

The text is unique to western hunting literature as it focuses on the planning, preparation, and research that applies to western hunting, before you step foot out of your truck. These are activities you can complete at your home in the off-season. The planning phase of western hunting is as much if not more important than the hunting phase, and treating it as such will multiply your chances of harvesting game. Because no matter how skilled you are as a hunter, if there is no game in your hunting area, you will not be successful. If your hunting area is swarming with other hunters, you will not be successful, and if your perception of the upcoming hunt is in no way close to reality, your hunt will not be rewarding.

The heart of the book centers on what is referred to as Research Scouting. Research Scouting introduces the reader to the many tools a hunter has at their Colorado Rifle Elk 2010 186fingertips when choosing the when, where, and how of a potential hunt. A few of the topics covered are Harvest Statistics, Application Service Magazines, Maps, and State Wildlife Employees. In addition to introduction, a detailed description of exactly how to use these tools is given. Meticulous and creative approaches are given regarding how to avoid hunter pressure, access wary game, and utilize modern technology to increase the harvest potential of your hunt. Upon completion, the reader has all of the knowledge needed to plan a successful Western hunt!

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